What Women’s Summit 2015 did for me.
I attended last year to honor a woman who made a huge impact on my life as a little girl and still does today. She received the “Lizzy” award. I thought that was the only reason I attended this conference until my life as a whole changed so much. I gained a new found confidence that had been lost due to a run of lots of tragedies. In 2013 I faced some of the hardest challenges in my life. The latest was the death of my father. This “summit” gave me hope again. It showed me that I could make a difference now to honor him and even more so, to do a greater good for others and myself.

I started a nonprofit organization called Hearts for the Cove. Through this, I was able to place two AED’s in our national park. This has grown to extend to camps in two other states and hiking clubs, bringing the total of AEDs to six so far with promise of more to come and a greater awareness of the need of them. Others are now making a difference all because I found a new courage to be powerful and a way to live again.
I found a voice inside me that had not spoken in quite some time. Truth is, I found a network of others to show me how to use it again to find hope and strength.

We can be more than we know is possible, we just need to be awakened and in tune with the opportunities before us. We all have a little girl inside that is growing with every tragedy, happiness, and experience. We decide to let it evolve and be great! Thank you for teaching me to take these steps and can’t wait to see how each year will hold more ways to find the strong amazing person I will become!

I will be attending The Woman’s Leadership Summit for the second year this week and am so excited.


Angie Cupp