Discuss with Us: Make Room for Her

Join us as we prepare for the June Summit by learning more about the powerful message our keynote speaker will bring. The Women’s Leadership Council will be reading Rebecca Shambaugh’s Make Room for Her between March 31st and May 8th. And we want you to join us.

ETWLS-book-clubIn fact, we’re encouraging you to join us by having an open discussion of the book along the way, covering a few chapters each week on our Facebook page. We’ll be taking turns, sharing our own thoughts about what we’re reading and posting comments each week.

Then, on every Thursday night at 7:00 during that period, one of us will be there on Facebook to join you in a live chat about what we are reading.

Why don’t YOU pick up a copy of Make Room for Her and read along with us?

Here’s the schedule we’ve come up with. You’ll can also find it on our Facebook page under the Discuss with Us tab.

Discussion Schedule

  1. Make Room for Her book coverWeek of March 31: Ch 1-4; Summary Part I; Discussion Leader: Susanne Dalton Dupes
  2. Week of April 7: Ch 5-7; Leader: Wendy Pitts Reeves
  3. Week of April 14: Ch 8-9, Summary Part II; Leader: Deb Schmitz
  4. Week of April 21: Ch 10-12; Leader: Debra Poole
  5. Week of April 28: Ch 13-15, Summary of Part III; Leader: Kim Lauth
  6. Week of May 5: Ch 16, Summary Part IV; Leader: Bonnie Hinds
  7. Thursday, May 8: Heads Up!

We’ll be announcing a Very Special Women’s Leadership Salon, where author Rebecca Shambaugh herself will be joining us via Skype from Washington, D.C., for a live discussion!

To join the conversation, all you have to do is pick up a copy and read along with us, then join the discussion over on Facebook. We’d love to hear what you think. This is a GREAT way to get ready for Rebecca’s talk about Sticky Floors at the June 13 Summit!


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