The Value of Your Voice: Deb Sofield

Do you have trouble expressing yourself in meetings or in front of audiences?  Do making business presentations set your insides quivering?  If so, Deb Sofield‘s Summit presentation is one you won’t want to miss!

An award-winning speaker and executive speech and presentations coach, Sofield is bringing us one of her powerful presentations, The Value of Your Voice. She creates and trains world-class public speakers nationwide and has DebSofield3a_250personally coached scores of executives and elected officials to tap into their natural abilities.  She also trains motivational speakers to be able to deliver a message with lasting impact.

Sofield’s national and international training experience gives her the depth of knowledge in exactly what it takes and what it means to deliver a meaningful message. She is a skilled politician and savvy businesswoman who has been winning campaigns for public office while running her own successful business for more than two decades.

As an accomplished corporate, political and talent strategist, Sofield coaches her clients to the top.  We are excited to have such a dynamic speaker who is in demand both nationally and internationally join us for our 2013 Summit.