• “I have always taken away key items that help propel my career and further my development as a leader.”
  • “I always feel empowered after I attend.”
  • “Extremely motivating.”
  • “…a great opportunity to meet fantastic women leaders from all professions and parts of East Tennessee.”
  • “This is where to go for the best presentations from powerful women who model the path for us.”
  • “It’s nourishing. I take away a new leadership strategy every year.”
  • “Encouraging, challenging, and great networking.”
  • “Great event. Energizing and validates that I am not alone.”
  • “An empowering event with speakers that were very impactful.”
  • “Something for all attendees … inspiration, education, and access to resources.”

Summit Feedback 2016

What Women’s Summit 2015 did for me.
I attended last year to honor a woman who made a huge impact on my life as a little girl and still does today. She received the “Lizzy” award. I thought that was the only reason I attended this conference until my life as a whole changed so much. I gained a new found confidence that had been lost due to a run of lots of tragedies. In 2013 I faced some of the hardest challenges in my life. The latest was the death of my father. This “summit” gave me hope again. It showed me that I could make a difference now to honor him and even more so, to do a greater good for others and myself.


Angie Cupp