Fun at First Quarter Salon on Second Acts

IMG_5867There were lots of new faces at this quarter’s Women’s Leadership Salon, which focused on making big life changes in life’s second acts. We heard over and over again the importance of harnessing your courage when life subtly (or not so subtly) pushes you in a new direction. These women, Dianna Glandon, Raeus Jae Cannon, and Karen Jernigan, shared stories of their obstacles, their mistakes, and their triumphs. We also got to hear about the support systems that have helped them along the way.

It’s so exciting to be around such incredible women – those on the panel and the attendees. Please plan to join us next time! Information about next quarter’s salon is available on the salon page. Wanda Sobieski will be talking about the women’s suffrage movement and why it’s still important today. Registration will be available in April.

Also, check out what some of these women do. Look at Dianna’s balloon décor company here and Raeus’s networking community here.

February Women’s Leadership Salon: Second Act

Passionate leadership, this year’s theme for the East Tennessee Women’s Leadership Summit, requires being able to boldly follow your passion wherever it may lead you. Sometimes that path may be a surprise!

The February Salon will feature a panel of three women who have left established careers to seek success in new directions. This panel will feature Raeus Jae Cannon, Dianna Glandon, and Karen Jernigan. Raeus left her career as a drug and alcohol counselor to explore running an alternative newspaper, a greeting card company, and eventually become CEO of her own networking company, REO. Dianna is a former teacher who has become a certified balloon artist and owns her own company, Above the Rest Balloon and Event Designs. Karen Jernigan was a nationally certified sign language interpreter until she went to law school at the University of Tennessee.  Now she represents clients on their claims for Social Security Disability benefits.

If, like these women, you’ve ever dreamed of charting a different course or want to hear about the courage it takes to set out on a new path, join us for this quarter’s salon.


Thursday, February 12, 5:45 p.m.


The Avenue, 141 N. Martinwood Rd., Knoxville 37923


$26, includes dinner

REGISTER NOW!  Space is limited.

A Summit Success Story

One of the topics at the 2014 Summit was having the courage to create the life you want. Our speaker,
Carolyn Jones
demonstrated a tool she has been using for many years, vision boards. Carolyn Jones In 2012, Carolyn began using this tool to manifest her dream to travel to Kenya, Africa. She shared her intentional focus on that dream and physical visualization of it with us.  Carolyn also talked about her relationship with Carol Huntington, who had a dream to help children in Africa.

After her presentation, Summit Chair Wendy Pitts Reeves introduced Carolyn to Alison Mistak of Moja Designs, which grew out of The Alliance for Youth Achievement, a small, non-profit that worked in Africa from 2000-2012.  Allison, in turn, shared with Carolyn the names of many contacts in Africa, including directors of many schools there.

In October of this year, Carolyn Jones realized her dream.  She traveled with Carol Huntington to Africa.252  While there, they established Global Hearts, which will provide financial support to ensure that young women get a high school education.

Currently they are raising funds to support their first five girls.  To see learn more about Purity, Leesh, Gladys, Cecelia, and Saiboku and to donate to their education, go to the Global Hearts page at gofundme.


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